Miss Emerald City

Miss Emerald City 2017 – Kalina Springer


kBL7A4375aKalina Springer

Age: 22

Platform: Special Olympics: A Community Effort to Build Independence


Kalina Springer was born and raised in Olympia, Washington and is graduating this May with her Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and German from Pacific Lutheran University. Kalina is also passionate about learning foreign languages; she became fluent in German while working in Austria as an Au Pair before starting college. She is currently working on an independent research project about the agriculture in Washington State and hopes to complete her MBA in Agribusiness or International Marketing. She aspires to work for a company that is dedicated to marketing for or building and sustaining natural, organic and ethical food production and distribution

Kalina believes that the most important aspect of the Miss America Scholarship Organization is Service. She is a certified Special Olympics Washington Basketball and Softball coach, is involved in disability-advocacy, and volunteers at special events for Metro Parks Tacoma. She became interested in volunteering with Special Olympics after witnessing the positive changes in her brother Tyler’s attitude regarding his disability. Every individual regardless of their level of abilities benefits from new challenges in an inclusive social environment. Kalina enjoys training in Muay Thai kickboxing to gain strength both mentally and physically. Specialized Recreation activities have given her brother a chance to dedicate himself to his own personal and team goals in a setting in which having Down Syndrome is not an obstacle and does not define him.