The Competition

Phases of the competition


Private Interview : Qualities and attributes of a Miss America; overall first impression; personal appearance; personality; intelligence; validated opinions; speech, vocabulary, and grammar; responses in context; style; and emotional control.






Talent : Personality; interpretive ability; technical skill level, execution, technique, synchronization; stage presence; totality of all elements – including costume, props, voice, use of body, and choreography.








Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit : Overall first impression; statement of physical fitness and health; overall physique, pleasing to her height, weight and bone structure; sense of presence; attractiveness; technique, including walk, posture, grace, and sense of confidence. Teens will perform a fitness routine in active wear. Miss wear a 1 or 2 piece bathing suit.







Evening Wear : Overall first impression; sense of confidence; personality and stage presence; technique, including walk, posture; appropriateness of attire; sense of attractiveness.









On Stage Questions: Responses to two on stage questions and are designed for the contestant to make a final statement about her platform and to allow her personality to be expressed. The contestant is judged on sense of confidence, personality, stage presence, richness of voice, expression, vocabulary, and sincerity.