Contestant Portal

Some Paperwork Tips and Suggestions:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We are here to help you to be successful and welcome your e-mails, texts, or calls!
  • The Contestant Contract for Miss and Teen requires a Notary Public. If you don’t know someone who is a Notary you can probably take the paperwork to your bank and have them stamp it for free.
  • Your birth certificate might be buried away in a hard to find spot – start looking for it now.
  • It may take your school some time to print report cards/transcripts – order those ASAP.
  • If you don’t already have a good headshot you should make sure to take one that you are happy with.¬†You can print copies of your headshot at someplace like CVS or Walgreens.
  • Have¬†somebody proofread your Resume and Platform statement! Once we receive your final copy no changes can be made. If you turn it in with errors, the judges will see those errors.

The 2017 Schedule

(1) Contestant Checklist

(2 Miss) 2017 Miss Contract

(2 Teen) 2017 Teen Contract

(3) Copy of Birth Certificate

(4) Copy of Drivers License (if applicable)

(5) Copy of Most Recent Report Card or School Transcript

(6) Local Rules and Regulations

(7) 2017 Local Scholarship Rules

(8 Miss) 2017 Miss Resume Information and Example

(8 Teen) 2017 Teen Resume Information and Example

(9 Miss) 2017 Miss Platform Information and Example

(9 Teen) 2017 Teen Platform Information and Example

(10) 5×7″ Color Headshot for Judges (7 Copies)

(11) Production Worksheet

(12) E-mail Your Accompaniment Track to

(13a) Miss CMN Materials

(13b) Teen CMN Materials

(14) Advertisement Order Form

Wardrobe Examples

Nutrition Pointers

Miss Seattle Workout 2017

Workout Routine Photo Guide