Contestant Paperwork Portal

Some Paperwork Tips and Suggestions:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions!!!!
    We are here to help you to be successful and we happily welcome all of your e-mails, texts, or calls!
  • The Contestant Contract for Teen requires a Notary Public. If you don’t know someone who is a Notary you can probably take the paperwork to your bank and have them stamp it for free.
  • Your birth certificate might be buried away in a hard to find spot – start looking for it now.
  • It may take your school some time to print report cards/transcripts – order those ASAP.
  • If you don’t already have a good headshot you should make sure to take one that you are happy with. You can print copies of your headshot at someplace like CVS or Walgreens. Headshots must be portrait orientation (7″ tall and 5″ wide).
  • Have somebody proofread your Resume and Platform statement! Once we receive your final copy no changes will be made. If you turn it in with errors, the judges will see those errors.
  • Double check that you have signed and initialed every appropriate space in the contestant contract and all other documents. Sign each copy of your platform statement.

Here are some helpful documents:

2020 Schedule (Revised 12/9/2019)

2020 Wardrobe Examples

Talent Lock Procedures and Rules

AS SOON AS YOU CHOOSE YOUR TALENT, you should complete the 2020 Talent Lock Form.

When you submit this form, you’ll get an automated e-mail message back telling you that we have successfully received the form. After we review the selection, a member of the SSO Board of Directors will e-mail you back to let you know if your talent selection has been approved or if there are any concerns.

Talent Lock Rules:

  1. Talent lock is “first come – first served.” If two contestants want to sing the same song, it will be awarded to the contestant who requested it first, as determined by the time and date stamp on the e-mail.
  2. A talent selection may be changed until paperwork is turned in. Once the paperwork has been submitted, no changes will be permitted. Contestants should limit their changes – if a contestant excessively changes her talent selection the Board of Directors may require her to lock a final selection in and prevent any further changes.
  3. A contestant may only lock one selection at a time. If she first submits “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and later changes it to “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” then “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is no longer locked and another contestant may lock that selection.
  4. No two contestants that have the same talent medium (instrumentalist, dancer, singer, etc.) will be allowed to use the same song – even if they are competing for different titles. If two contestants with different talent mediums request the same song, both will be allowed. If this happens, a member of the Board of Directors will inform both the contestants that another contestant with a different talent medium has picked that song. It is each contestant’s decision whether she keeps that song or opts to change her selection.

Wardrobe Approval Procedure!

Once you have decided on your competition attire you MUST e-mail your photos to: All wardrobe must be approved by a member of the Board of Directors prior to the February 3, 2020 dress rehearsal. Do not wait until the last minute! If we need you to choose a different piece of clothing you will want plenty of time to figure something out!

Talent Approval Procedure!

Once you have finalized your talent selection, you MUST send a video to The video should provide a good idea of what you intend to do for talent. While not required, we strongly encourage you to record your talent wearing your talent attire, ESPECIALLY DANCERS. If you have a back-up track, you need to perform with the backup track in this video. Talents must be approved by a member of the Board of Directors prior to the February 14, 2020 dress rehearsal.


  • All paperwork must be included in one manila envelope in the order below.
  • Do not put paperwork in plastic protective pages, staple, or hole punch.
  • All paperwork must be delivered to Ross Amkraut do Porto by January 29, 2020. If you mail your paperwork, it must be postmarked by January 24, 2020.
    • If you want to make arrangements to hand the paperwork to Ross directly, please contact him directly to make arrangements. Ross works in South Lake Union and lives in the First Hill neighborhood and is happy to make arrangements to meet you to receive the paperwork packet.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Ross, Demetra, or Lana. We are HAPPY to help!

In one large manila envelope you should include the following documents and items:

(1) Contestant Checklist

(2 MISS) Local Contestant Contract (Not available yet)

(2 TEEN) Contestant Contract

(3) Copy of Birth Certificate

(4) Copy of Driver’s License (if applicable)

(5) Copy of Most Recent Report Card or School Transcript (official transcript)

(6) Local Rules and Regulations

(7) Scholarship Guidelines

(8 MISS) Resume Information and Example for MISS

(8 TEEN) Resume and Example for TEEN

(9 MISS) Platform Statement Info and Example for MISS

(9 TEEN) Platform Statement Info and Example for TEEN

(10) 5×7″ Color Headshot for Judges Must be portrait orientation (7 copies)

(11) Complete the Production Form Online

(12) E-mail your Accompaniment Track to

(13a) Children’s Miracle Network Materials for MISS

(13b) Children’s Miracle Network Materials for TEEN

(14) Advertisement Order Forms and Sample Program Book